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Guiding Needle Acupuncture

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The Firedome is a 9 inch steel based headgear pyramid that is orgone plated, applying layers of 24 Karat gold and copper and then it is fired. The Firedome creates a natural field of negative ions around you, and with regular use of the Firedome, benefits may include:

• Extreme energy boost

• Stimulation of the adrenal glandes

• Cleansing of the blood

• May help to reduce arthritis

Arthritis? High cholesterol levels building up in the body? What happens is, toxins accumulate and degenerative conditions start to develop. This leads to decreased circulation and vitality problems. Soon the body begins to accumulate toxic virus’s and fungi. Woman begin to have yeast infections, and both men and women loose energy. Memory becomes impaired, allergies surface, and eventually diseases such as arthritis begin to set in. The Firedome is recommended for psychic expansion, including channeling, greater concentration, appetite control, detoxification of the entire body, arthritis relief, increasing energy, and more.

Clinic studies started back in 1977 on Pyradyne's technologies.

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