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The Vitamid is a 12 inch steel household pyramid that is 24 karat gold plated.

The Vitamid is used to treat and energize water, foods & other beverages and also promotes healthy plant growth. Place the Vitamid over fruits or vegetables to preserve them from going bad.

Animals love it too!

• Generates negative ion effect

• Energizing food processor

• Extends shelf life & potency of vitamins

• Great for vitalizing water

• Promotes healthy plant growth

• Great for sweetening citrus fruits

• Energizes crystals & gemstones

* Great for taste restoration

• Restores enzymes of frozen foods

• Excellent starter pyramid for the science of electrical precursation

• Omni directional positioning

How does the pyramid work? A large volume of magnetic concentration and noble life negative ions (anions) exists within the pyramidal boundaries which alkalizes foods and liquids within the pyramid structure.

You can store vitamins in it to keep their potency high. You can defrost vegetables and other frozen foods within it. Because the Pyramid balances the pH factor (potential hydrogen) in foods, it also restores taste. Temperature variation destroys enzymes in foods, so taste is often lost. When taste is lost, so is the nutritional value of the food substance involved. The Vitamid reverses this effect! Fruit can be stored longer under a Vitamid without spoiling. This is accomplished because only friendly aerobic bacteria thrive under the Pyramid. Unfriendly, harmful, anaerobic bacteria die under the Pyramid. In short, the Pyramid helps kill germs that cause disease.

Water for drinking or irrigating plants can be stored under the Vitamid. Water is energized because its "surface tension" is balanced for greater cleansing in assimilation. Water "stores" the "Bio Plasmic Life Force energy" whenever it is under a Vitamid. On the other hand, if you were to place a plastic or aluminum Pyramid over water, the water would be de-vitalized, thereby losing its "Bio Plasmic Life Force energy."

How many times have you received a beautiful bouquet of flowers and wanted to keep it forever. You can do that with pyramid power. After you have enjoyed your bouquet for a few days, remove it from its vase and hang it upside down under the Vitamid. Make sure that the bulk of the flowers are within the main confines of the Vitamid. Some of the bouquet may not fit, but that is not a problem as the Vitamid is Orgone plated, giving it a field that extends well beyond its physical dimensions. Leave the flowers inverted in the pyramid for about two weeks. The inverted position allows the sap and nutrients to remain in the most colorful areas. The pyramid dries them perfectly without allowing any form of decay or aging to interfere. After they are thoroughly dry, spray the flowers with clear lacquer (this keeps them intact and preserved) and place them back into their original vase. They will look fresh for years and years afterward.

If you are a meat or fish lover, place either or both under the Vitamid for one hour before cooking. The Vitamid will tenderize and freshen them for a lovely meal!

The Vitamid measures twelve inches at the base, and is an Orgone Pyramid, which is then covered with a final plating of 24 karat gold. Natural gold has a Pyramid-shaped molecular structure that is octahedral in form. Kirlian photography has shown that gold has one of the higher healing capabilities of any substance known to man. In addition, when you use gold as a surface, you eliminate the need to align the Pyramid to magnetic north as has previously been required by earlier Pyramid manufacturers.

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