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Guiding Needle Acupuncture

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An anti-stress device which transforms disharmonious energies into positive energies

Protects the body from the harmful effect of environmental pollution, toxic foods, stress, and all other interfering frequencies

Each color of available gemstones for the Nuclear Receptor corresponds to specific body functions

Balancing and rejuvenating on the body

This Nuclear Receptor allows the wearer to have a very focused mental concentration, which then Quantumally transmutes the goal of the wearer into completion of an idea, contract mission, or some other result involving other persons. In addition to being a valuable asset to business types; lawyers, doctors, and other professionals, it can also produce a very focused result in meditations and studies. 

The Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor is a product of technological research that began its development in the United States in the 1960’s. Developed over the last three decades, the Nuclear Receptor utilizes technologies derived from shape energy research, crystal, gem and filter technology, MASER (microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) technology, Laser (Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) technology, homeopathic and allopathic medical sciences, Tibetan acupuncture and Pleiadian science. The Receptor package itself contains, NASA Cassegrin technology.

The type of metal used in the Nuclear Receptor is very important. Although our lower vibrational Alloy Receptors work very well and utilize the correct shape design, they use cadmium zinc in their molecular structure and can only absorb a minimal amount of radiation. The sterling silver Nuclear Receptor utilizes a tetrahedral molecular structure of silver and can absorb a lot more radiation than the Alloy metal version, because of this we recommend that you rinse the sterling silver Nuclear Receptor everyday.

"Healing is the balance of the bodies cell structure, organ structure and overall architecture on the mental, physical and spiritual levels. The Nuclear Receptor balances the physical body and a little bit of the astral body. So when you put the body into balance, it heals itself. Nothing can heal you externally you have to heal yourself, one of the reasons why we don't make medical claims"

-Dr. Fred Bell, PhD.

Dr. Fred Bell recommended that the sterling silver Receptor was the best metal to utilize, it is slightly more intense than a solid gold Nuclear Receptor which may have more energy because of the gold octahedron molecule, but the gold molecule is softer and more subtle in its vibration. The gold does not have the intensity of the silver, but has more of a healing balance and a deeper power to it.


-Utilizes natural gemstones

-Easy to clean

-Purer metal, higher vibratory frequency absorbing more radiation

-Sterling silver is a stimulator, utilizing the tetrahedral molecular structure

-Ability to change out gemstones multiple times

-Lifetime investment

-Handmade to order

-Add 24k Gold Plating or Platinum plating at no extra cost (please select above when ordering)


• Sterling Silver Negotiator Design Nuclear Receptor and Sterling Silver Italian Diamond Rope Cut 28" Chain.

• Custom orders and discounted merchandise sales are final. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery from the date ordered. 

• Currency = USD

Choose a Nuclear Receptor option: 1) Solid Sterling Silver without plating. 2) 24k Gold Plating On Solid Sterling Silver Receptor. 3) Platinum Plating On Solid Sterling Silver Receptor

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